Saturday, October 1, 2011

Eat me: zombie cake

Tonight is bad movie night at Aaron & Megan's. Season of the Witch is on the agenda, and dessert is my department, so I decided to attempt a sweet creep-out chocolate cake. For inspiration, I turned to British baker and cake designer, Lily Vanilli. I've seen a couple of her cakes floating around the internet and like everyone else in the universe, I'm pretty dang impressed.

cake of the recently undead via Lily Vanilli Cake Design

Awesome? Yessir. Now here's my replicant. 

My zombie fingers are made from cookie. I think Lily Vanilli uses marzipan or something fancy. I just sculpted these suckers from dough and baked them resting atop some rolled parchment paper (to keep their graspy-reachy curve intact). I've seen some people use red sugar-glue (confectioner's sugar, red food coloring, and a little water) to stick on the slivered almond nails, but I used chocolate frosting. I mean, this cookie person is crawling up from the depths of their baked grave...there's going to be some chocolate dirt.

Now for a little Season of the Witch teaser. 

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