Saturday, September 24, 2011


Greetings from Copenhagen! It's almost 11:00 in the evening here, and I'm deciding wether or not my night is coming to a close or has just begun. I'm not used to bars being open until 4 in the morning. Copenhagen is a little difficult to get used to. There isn't as much English around as you would think. I mean sure, everyone talks it, but I'm not one to engage a whole lot so I go for signs, and plaques, and other markers to let me know where I am and where I need to be. Like today, we went into this church.

Sure it's really pretty, but I have no idea what it is and what it do
(Tyler reference if you ever read the blog--hey, Tyler).
We also went to Rosenborg Slot (castle), and because I purchased the English guide,
we knew exactly what everything was and exactly what it do!
Christian IV's crown!
The king's toilet. This might have been my favorite part. Those tiles are original!


Everyone, and I mean everyone, rides bikes in Copenhagen.
When you leave any metro station there is a sea of bikes--hundreds and hundreds of bikes.
This (naturally) makes me start thinking about how you can have all these bikes just sitting around and no one ever takes them! They're not locked up to a station or anything. They have a small lock on the back wheel so they can't be wheeled away, but certainly people can cut those locks.
Why aren't people stealing bikes?!?! 


Also, I'm intrigued as to why every single baby in Copenhagen (and Iceland when I think about it) gets to ride around in a Pram? I'm talking every baby! I think it might be because every baby seems to be a little bit cuter when it's bouncing around inside a Pram. We even crossed paths with a little baby on the way to Rosenborg that clearly was dealing with Chicken Pox, but inside that Pram, it didn't look soooo bad.
If someone pushed me around inside a giant Pram, it might be worth the Pox (that sounds creepier than I meant it to...sorry).
Also, (and I saw this in Iceland too) mothers would leave their babies outside the stores and cafes asleep inside their Prams and go shop and have lunch! I was shocked when I saw it. That very night I was reading some blogs, when I came across this article about this very thing. I mean anyone could wheel that baby (and that Pram) down the street. I told Nick that people in the US don't do that because people would be stealing those Pram babies right and left. He didn't think people steal babies in the US, but he's wrong on that one. So many baby thefts!
(no picture, sorry)
All of the pubic bathrooms are nice little rooms that close up all the way. There's no stall doors, only regular doors on little rooms to do your business in. I can't help but wonder why we don't have little rooms instead of stalls in the US. I think it's because people do drugs and have sex in them.
That's what I keep telling myself at least.
**I realize that it sounds like I think that the US would steal bikes, babies, Prams, and do bad things in bathrooms. 


  1. Um...the U.S. would steal bikes, babies, prams, and do bad things in bathrooms.

  2. What Christine said. (Glad you're having such a grand time, Catherine.)


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