Monday, September 26, 2011

Disney knows what's up.

Most girls grow up watching Disney and thinking about how cool it would be to live in a castle (at least I did, and I'm sure my sisters did too, and boys probably think about being princes and what not). Hey, I don't even care if I'm the princess, just get me in that castle. Now, I would never want to be a maid in "castle times" because that was the hardest job ever. I just want to castle-sit for a museum or a king/queen and be in a castle for a few days. Today was probably as close as I am ever going to get. Nicholas and I traveled to Hillerod to visit Frederiksborg Slot (castle). Apparently, Frederiksborg is known as the Versailles of Scandinavia. At least this is what Rick Steves told me before we lost his guide to Copenhagen (please note this was our second and final guide to Copenhagen that has been lost in as many days). 

There were only a handful of other visitors at the castle, so it was easy to pretend,
just for a second, that I was alone in a castle hundreds of years old. 

It was neat and lovely.

Here's what it looked like.


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