Thursday, October 21, 2010

You, me, and a sea of glass.

I'm pretty sure I found this least I found it in a box in my apartment.

A couple days ago, I came across an article in the New York Times about sea glass. You should most definitely check it out. I had no idea sea glass was such a big deal. I mean, we always keep an eye out at the beach--I posit that Mom is the best sea glass finder in the family--but  our searches usually yield clear or brown or green glass. Turns out, there's more to sea glass than I thought.

Sea Glass Trivia
1. Orange sea glass is the rarest. People will pay hundreds of dollars for orange sea glass.
2. Red is a close second.
3. Some people have attempted to seed beaches with glass shards--the idea being that they'll collect the sea glass years later.
4.  There's an organization devoted to the collection of sea glass, the North American Sea Glass Association. And they have a festival in Hyannis, MA, where they name a "shard of the year." Seriously awesome.
5. The president of this organization, Ms. Mary Beth Beuke, is from Sequim, WA. That's right. Sequim, son!

Here's a quote from Ms. Beuke from the NYT article: The real thing, she says, “has been conditioned only by the ocean and its elements. It has been on a journey and has a history to it.”

Nice. Let's go next weekend!

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