Monday, October 25, 2010

Welcome back.

Tonight is a night for listening to Cake (Prolonging the Magic), drinking a beer or two, and writing Halloween cards. Yes, I'm back in the saddle again, or on the wagon (I may not be using that quite right), or any other vaguely pioneer-ish idiom that might fit this situation. It was a Green Lakes Organic Ale--the first alcoholic drink of any kind since that weekend at Abbie's. That weekend.

Thank you, I know.

It's also a good night for eating chocolate pretzels and knitting...and maybe watching The West Wing. Let's upgrade that to definitely watching The West Wing.

I should also tell you that I received a call from the Nielsen television rating people tonight, and I'm going to participate in one of their surveys. I hope my current tv viewing habits (Masterpiece Theatre; The Daily Show; Project Runway; 30 Rock; and anything science, nature, or history) are powerful enough to counteract everyone who might be watching Teen Mom (or whatever that show's called {I see it on every magazine in the grocery store.}).

P.S. They're giving me $30. In your face, Catherine.

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