Thursday, October 14, 2010

This happened at lunch today.

This has nothing to do with my post. I want to go on vacation. I'm cold, but I'm too cheap to turn on the heat. Being cold makes me think of the Blue Lagoon. I want to go in there again, naked public showers be damned!  I want to go on vacation again. I knit a great hat and scarf and mittens for Iceland. That was my tie in sentence. This post involves knitting. Sigh.
My new order of yarn arrived. I've become a big fan of this local gem. I have been picking knitpicks for a few months now, and I just learned the other day that it is based out of Vancouver, WA!  Anyway, I placed a rather large yarn/needle order last week, and a lovely knitpicks box was waiting for me at the door.  It was like Christmas but with fiber, and dye, and potential.  What am I saying? All Christmas' at the Nicolai house have fiber, dye, and potential. Duh. We're crafty.

Delicious fibers!

This was going to be a nice picture. The blurry cat signifies movement.

Then there were two.

The other cat that looks the same! 

Genevieve isn't messing around. She's all about sitting in boxes.

Unfortunately for her, Peanut is also into cardboard.

Kitten is bad ALL THE TIME!

This is the part where Genevieve pulls a Mel Gibson. I'm talking about Braveheart Mel Gibson not "sugar-tits" Mel Gibson. Bink was released, and if she could talk she would yell, "FREEEEEEEDDDDDOOOOOOMMMMMMMM!!!!!"

After all these happenings, I made Toy Story 3 shaped Macaroni and Cheese. Now that I think about it, I was living 5-year-old Catherine's dream come true:  crafts, cats, and m & c!

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