Wednesday, October 27, 2010

mantelpiece creepshow

More Halloween arrangements. This time on the mantel! Hmm...I don't know if I can technically classify this as Halloween because I've excluded the pumpkins. And you and I both know, pumpkins make Halloween. I suppose this, like so many things in my apartment, could fall under the general category: curiosities, creepy.

The fox looks much more serious from this angle. St. Sebastian also looks serious.

I found this in the parking lot of Patterson Hall at EWU. I also found a deer leg in
that parking lot. I did not pick up the deer leg. I know. Normally, I keep this
in a drawer because I don't want people to know I have it.
But now I'm posting it here, so you all know the secret
of the bird leg. All right, back in the drawer.

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