Sunday, October 17, 2010

2. Last weekend.

Last weekend was Abbie weekend. Well, Abbie Saturday night and part of Sunday morning. She made chicken and potatoes and gave me wine. So very much wine. She also gifted me with a taste of whipped cream flavored vodka. Yes, such a thing exists. I think it was mixed with chocolate flavored vodka. It was very sweet. There was also rum. Not as much rum, but enough to get the job done.

Moving on.

I made $8,000 a year (with a college degree). This is not so far from reality. Believe me.

We raided the game closet and found Life. Abbie was, no surprise here, a winner at the game of Life. She amassed a pretty substantial fortune, and I tried my damnedest to take some of that money away from her, but she just kept making more. 

I landed on a space about bailing out a ne'er-do-well uncle like twice. And there was something about giving my husband's family money too. Yeah, my life was shady.

The wheel is, of course, the best part of the game.

And while we played Life, we listened to records! All part of the Abbie experience, and yet another reason why Abbie is the coolest. And after Abbie beat me seven ways to Sunday, we watched Return to Oz"Isn't that a stolen lunch pail in your hand?! Isn't that a chicken in there with you?!" Get on it, people. Seriously. I'm going to be talking about this movie a lot in the next couple of weeks. And you'll need to know who the Gnome King is.

To set the record straight, I love Abbie. Ugh, groan. But wait, I could have said:
Abbie spins me right round, baby, right round. Like a record, baby, right round, round, round.
And I didn't. So, shut up.

I should mention (because I don't want you to think there are no consequences for drinking) that I was in tough shape the next day (much to the dismay of Catherine and Mother dear). When I got to Catherine's house, I threw up twice and then took a two hour nap with Genevieve.

Catherine did her Economics homework. Quite respectable.

Later, we went to Target and then to the mall so Catherine could return some shoes. I found myself wandering around Forever 21, hung over, while Catherine looked at jewelry. Yes, we went to Forever 21 (just give in to it already). They have cheap accessories, which I'm certain are constructed by Laotian children or something. Sorry. But let's be honest: I'll probably go back on a day when I'm not paying for the previous night's peccadilloes. (That alliteration is completely unintentional, and while I do apologize for it, I will not alter it in any way.)

So, lesson learned? Hmmm. I mean, I felt pretty certain about it on Sunday morning, afternoon, and evening (like when I saw Catherine get out the bottle of wine she and Mother dear would share over dinner {ugh}), but with a week between that Christine and this Christine...I don't know. Who will prevail?

My struggle is like the epic battle between Genevieve and Penelope
(aka baby kitten baby, Peanut, kits). I watched this play out several times last
weekend. If the comparison stands, that doesn't necessarily bode well for me.


  1. Abbie MUST be a winner in the game of Life, because she managed to have a girl-evening without a baby changing the milieu (or at least without changing the milieu of the blog). I didn't hear anything about Kyra messing up the game-playing, or trying to drink the wine, or crying out so Abbie had to go check on her. Abbie: how do you do it? Why are you so good at Life?


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