Sunday, October 31, 2010

A girl's best friend is her mother.

That's right! Mom and I went to the Oregon Symphony in Portland for Psycho today (terrific, by the way--perfectly creepy, ghoulish, and funny as all get-out). Other than that, the title has nothing to do with this post--
I just thought it would be Halloween appropriate. Other titles I considered: "Wake the dead!" and "Next chapter: scabs!" Actually, that's going to have a post of it's own because you know I have some pictures of scabs and other various wounds. And you're not mistaken--both those titles are from The Addams Family movie. "Fester, I love you. Fester, the vault."

Mushrooms are sort of bizaare, don't you think? Look at their gills!

Three-toed horse teeth from Idaho.
Given to me by Mr. Sam Tillman, a supremely cool guy.

You can see a bit of crystalization inside this one. Eeek!

Catherine carved this Harry Potter pumpkin. We're all agog over the new HP!

The perfect end to a perfect Halloween spent with Mother.

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