Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The New Furnace Project

The twin towers. Oh, yikes.
Has officially moved to the stage where there are actual holes in the ceiling & floor and two ducts looming in the corner. Being on the bottom floor of a Victorian house which has been converted into apartments means that in order for the upper floors to receive heat in the winter, some kind of connection has to be made between the upstairs and the basement. Booo to that. I'm losing a reading nook. So, that's what's happening there, and I'm not going to show you the other half of the room because that's where all my corner belongings (the green chair, the medium bookshelf, the knitting basket, about 2,000 books & magazines) are stacked and shoved...some inside the fireplace. Sigh. Eventually, there will be a wall to cover up all the duct work. Eventually, there will not be plaster dust all over everything, including my collection of succulents (across the room), my laptop (in another room) and my cat (in every room at all times).  Eventually, the weird-gross smell from the sealant (bright red!) will disappear. Also, for some mysterious reason, my light has stopped working. Yup, the one pictured here. So, maybe eventually that will start working again.

On the upside: I finally walked over to The Farm Chicks store, which just opened (OK, several weeks ago...but that counts as just in my world) in Browne's Addition. It's nice to finally have a cute boutiquey store in the neighborhood to go along with our cute Victorian homes and cute little roundabout-clustered restaurants (all restaurants around a flower and trailing ivy bedecked roundabout in the road--maybe I didn't need to explain that). Back to The Farm Chicks.

I win!

The new store is full of all manner of sweet and intriguing trinkets. If someone were to be reading this post, I'd recommend that she take an Internet trip on over to The Farm Chicks blog. And I know a couple of sisters dear who will be getting some fancy adornments to their Christmas packages this year!

And as a bonus, I ran into my buddy, Edward, on the way home and had a lovely and somewhat catty chat (the very best kind) about things that for several reasons I won't mention. Spokane can be a small town at's often best to remain mysterious and discreet.

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