Saturday, September 11, 2010

Why am I always on a plane?

Drink are small and potent in the wild blue yonder.

It seems like there's been a lot of plane activity in the last two months. Not that I'm complaining. I actually love flying. I mean, I love that one is able to fly. I don't love the people you have to sit on the plane with, unless you're sitting on the plane with sisters dear. Then it's a fabulous time. Usually I fly Horizon between Spokane and Seattle. The planes are Q-somethings, I think. Bombardiers? Why would they be called that? I don't know, but I sort of think it's right. Anyway, they have propellers, which are really quite loud, especially when you always seem to be seated over the wing. But Horizon does offer complimentary beer and wine--locally produced (is that even the right word? made? crafted? grown?) beer and wine. So that's a plus.

Knitting at SeaTac.

On the last flight home (which took place on Friday morning), the plane had 11 rows and carried 31 people, not including a selectively grumpy flight attendant named Ivan. I'm going to say this next thing, even though I'm not sure of its relevance. I sort of fall in love with grumpy people immediately, which is, I realize (being a grumpy person myself), something that grumpy people would loathe. Anyway, I did love Ivan a little bit for about forty minutes. Partly because of the aforementioned grump factor and partly because he looked more than a little like Tom Hollander. Who is Tom Hollander? You probably don't know that you know him. Ivan had to pour drinks at the back of the plane and then carry them to the front on a little tray. That's some old school plane service right there. I want you to know he was wearing a navy vest.

Rufus tickled these ivories for like three hours.

And the reason for all this plane activity? Rufus Wainwright, of course! Rufus, how do I love thee? Let me count all the pennies I just spent buying the little odds & ends Rufus songs and then add that to the concert tickets and the sum of those will equal my heart's denominator. And I just found a McGarrigle Christmas album featuring Kate, Anna, Rufus, and Martha! It's going to be a Rufie, Rufie, Rufie Christmas for sure.

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