Thursday, September 23, 2010

They'll raid us again!

Stock photo of Raccoon outside our bedroom window from April(ish)

Seriously, don't. Thursday night the tree fell, Saturday morning the window broke, and Tuesday morning (4:50 a.m.) a raccoon watched me sleep. I woke up because I heard noises. Most people probably wouldn't be surprised to read that. I'm always hearing noises and thinking that someone is going to do something to me or the house or my cats (cat murderers). I lay in bed awake for a minute. I could tell right away that the raccoons were on the roof again. We have a big pear tree next to the house and it reaches well above the second story where our bedroom is (see above). The raccoons climb this tree or the fir tree on the other side of the house and they run all over the roof. It causes quite a ruckus for just being raccoons. I roll over to the very edge of the bed, open my eyes, and I see 26 inches (I measured) away from my face a raccoon looking right at me! The window was open, so there was only a screen and the aforementioned 26 inches between me and what could have been an assault. I didn't scream. It was more of a whimper. I sat up and started to close the window. The raccoon scurried away when it saw me move, but as I was closing the window three raccoons came running at it!!! Three! Raccoons! The window shut and the raccoons started sniffing at the glass and standing up smell the air. It was freaky. Because of all the commotion, they went into hyper speed and really starting running around the roof. I was freaked out. I called Nick. I don't think he thought it was a big deal, but it really was.
A couple of things that make me think of movies from this incident/post.
1) Whenever I say "it really was" I think of Titanic and the part when old Rose says, "Titanic was called the ship of dreams, and it was. It really was." Don't ask me why.
2) Jurassic Park (JP for Nic). Two different scenes with raptors quickly came to mind during my battle. Both scenes took place in the kitchen with the raptors. The first one is when Lex was in the cabinet and she was trying to shut the door before the raptor ate her. Total parallelism. The second was when they needed to hold the door shut until the locks reactivated. Good stuff.
This also reminds me that the other night Christine text me something great.

Yeah, that happened!

3) Last movie connection, and it's probably the most important. Now I don't expect that everyone has seen Grey Gardens but everyone should. The most important things I learned about raccoons, I learned from Grey Gardens. I would so put that magnet on my fridge. A couple general rules to follow: don't feed them loaves of bread and don't let them steal books from your room because if you do they will eat your walls!

Great movie.

I think I hear them on the roof right now...sigh. At least I bought a flashlight.

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