Friday, September 24, 2010

Keep it Secret. Keep it Safe.

Give me a hard time, why don't you? So what I have watched Fellowship of the Ring (twice), The Two Towers (one and one third time), and Return of the King all this week. That is what my lovely life looks like now. I think it's fine. Healthy if nothing else, why you may ask? Well, I shall share that with you my brother. First off, I naturally now lean toward having some sort of kinship(py) type of relationship with groups of people. Well, I suppose that isn't the best considering I have no friends out here and when I referenced the Lord of the Rings at work someone giggled and another smiled and said, ' I don't think I've seen it.' with an heir of confusion. That may not be the best part of me watching the series in extreme repetition, but the fact that I am knitting up a storm while doing it is awesome. Get it visa vi crafting, being productive, producing if you will(The fruits of these labors will be unveiled in a later blog. Just keep in mind that the tree is actually fruiting for once). I am going to stop there so I don't share too many secrets.
I just have one thing to add before I end my very first blog addition. I met Mr. T today. He called me friend and wished that God blessed me. I have to say that if you were God you would be a fool not to listen to Mr. T, so consider me blessed. He also said that the way I said I was from Washington was kind of scary, so yeah. And he presented upon me a gift; his key chain. It is one of the push a button and you will hear a Mr. T classic, such as "I pity the fool", " Quit your jibber jabber", " No more back talk" etc...

So he gives me his key chain (he actually had to take off his house key first before gifting it to me) and tells me that if guys are ever giving me a hard time I should push the button and they will think that he is there (I am sure he will feel so badly when I try that and get punched in the face, oh well).

He also shared that one night he was trying to unlock his door and accidentally pushed a button and heard his voice and it freaked him out like someone was there behind him. It made me think of sisters and their paranoia. Oh and I told him about the A-Team post card that Christine sent me and how beloved the show was to us and he got embarrassed and blushed a bit. All and all a lovely thing.


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