Saturday, September 18, 2010

Out and about in Spokane

On Saturday Maya and I went to Green Bluff to pick berries. The raspberries weren't quite ready yet, but the blackberries were growing like gangbusters.  And they were a thornless variety, which for me and Maya (both from Western Washington and used to thorny berry situatons) was a treat....especially since we had the littlest berry picker along)! 

Bunches of berries at Knapp's Farm.

The littlest berry picker: Zoey!
These bees were quite sluggish.

We are convinced this is the best pie (huckleberry peach) and ice cream (vanilla)

Galas in the orchard at Walter's Fruit Ranch.

At Walter's Fruit Ranch (my new favorite place), we rode the Fruitloop Express to the orchard and were given instructions for picking by Mrs. Apple. Grasp the apple and then turn it upside down. It should pop right off--hopefully, with the stem intact (that helps it stay fresh longer). Maya and I picked apples and Zoey played in the dirt. Maybe when you come to visit I'll take you there.


  1. Let me be the first to comment: the pie was definitely the best in the universe, though the blackberry-peach cobbler I made this morning was also quite delicious. Yay for fruity baked goods! And yay for Zoey!

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