Monday, September 20, 2010

And it all came tumbling down.

Last Thursday I had to call the cops. I've called a lot of police in my day, but this was my first Olympia 911 call. Around 11:00, I turned off the light and climbed into bed. I heard a little shuffle noise, but I thought it was just Genevieve (cat, duh) playing downstairs. Then the shuffling noise turned into the black smoke monster from Lost. The house shook. There was a crack. I got up, thought someone was breaking into the house (always thinking that), but when I looked outside I saw our tree was now in the road. The whole thing was annoying. I had to call the cops, they came, they called the fire dept., and they called the electrical company (there were wires in the tree). At 11:30 the fire department came, and at 11:40 they left. At 12:00 the electrical company came and inspected the wires, and then they left. At 1:00 a bulldozer showed up. A nice old man with the City of Olympia came and pushed the tree out of the road into our yard. He had to use a chainsaw and cut it into a couple pieces. It's very strange to hear a chainsaw at 2:15 a.m., but that's what happened. The next morning, the tree was in our lawn.

Tree down!

 Oh,  I left out a very important part. I stayed inside as much as possibly while all the tree wrangling business was going on. Nick and Nic (read Christine) were both encouraging me to go outside and get the 411 on tree happenings, but I didn't want to wander outside at 1:00 and be all "excuse me what's the tree progress?" I finally did, and you know what happened? I fell. I was standing on the wet steps with my flip flops. The cop had just returned for the third time. He had out his extra high beam flashlight and was all about shining things. He hadn't seen me yet, but he heard me fall, so he provided the spotlight to my fall and said, "you ok?" I acted like nothing happened and said something along the lines of, "...what oh yeah I'm is there anything I need to do with this tree?" There wasn't, and the fall hurt a lot.

My arm.

Friday morning the city came and cleaned up every piece of tree. They really did a smashing job, and I was done dealing with trees. I was able to get some sleep on Friday night, and everything was all peachy. It was all peachy until I got up Saturday morning and found problem number two for the week.

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