Sunday, September 26, 2010

1. Visitor comes a-visiting.

Mom visited this weekend! There was much activity, so I'll do this in parts.

Mom arrived and wandered around the Museum for a bit while I finished up work. My living room is still torn apart from the construction project (the wall has finally been built and covered in mud and must be sanded again and painted before things can return to normal--sigh), so everything was not perfect. I hate that.

Take forever!

But dinner, at Luna on Friday night, was perfect--Yukon Gold Potato Pizza and Pommes Frites. Two potato dishes? YES! It can and must be done (even though that lady at the German restaurant {at Freighthouse Square in Tacoma} told me that I could not have two potatoes: spaetzle and potato salad {I hate coleslaw! What other side could I choose?}). Of course, the food was ridiculously delicious. We took a spin over to Cliff Drive to look out on the city at night, which was lovely, except for the couple of sketchy hombres hanging out by the actual cliff. Drinking, I think. Always a good idea around cliffs. 

There be the beast!

Speaking of drinking...Spokane celebrated Oktoberfest in Riverfront Park this weekend (really? only a weekend? Munich's Oktoberfest goes from 18 September to 4 October. {THAT is a fest})--we thought about going, but the festivities ended at 8 PM. What?!  I think we (meaning the people of Spokane, or maybe just the Oktoberfest committee {something that must exist, right?}) don't understand the spirit of Oktoberfest.

So, Mom and I ended up at Auntie's bookstore where she told me a story about Jerry Seinfeld on The Today Show. Let's not go into that. What we should go into is this t-shirt I bought made by Out of Print Clothing. When you buy a shirt, Out of Print Clothing donates a book to Books For Africa.

Impress the Intergalactic Alliance!

 Hey, sisters, want L. Ron Hubbard t-shirts for Christmas? I know you do. 

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