Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Make: Spring Pennants

There have been high levels of crafting in our household as of late, which are just going to be amplified now that we have an extra hour of daylight to work with! I don't know about you, but I feel my creative motivation seem to deflate when the sun sets. Like I am a reverse vampire (No. That doesn't make any sense.). Like I am a flower closing up for the night (Ugh. No. Why would I even think that?). How about that as soon as the sun goes down my brain starts craving a blanket and some good ol' fashioned Agatha Christie. That. That sounds like a better depiction of why my motivation shifts in the evening.

Although I am loving some Death on the Nile, I still find so many reasons to celebrate the new daylight and put up some (more) spring decorations...

It's as easy as one, two and three!

1) Find your favorite spring patterns. 

We used some nice quilting weight cotton fabric, and the really fun part about spring colors is you can do so many combinations it will make you feel crazy with all the freedom. I have obviously let this go to my head, because I keep wanting to get more fabric and create new color runs (my hoarder brain is taking over and I need to be mindful of this).

2) Cut your pennants!

You can do this several ways, we used a rotary blade with a pinking shear and cutting board. With a new pinking blade this was really gratifying, but if you don't have this apparatus, a regular pinking shear will work as well.

3) Sew your pennants. 

We used a single fold ivory bias tape to tie it all together, it works really well because you can just fold it over the top edge of your pennant and sew. Just because we choose a neutral doesn't mean you have to though. Yf you are bold and color crazed you can add any accent you please and select a fun colored bias tape, or dye it yourself.

The first of many projects born from a collaborative effort with Dawn (newly of Burbank).

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