Saturday, March 9, 2013


Here's a sampling of the recent events in my life: Recently, I rediscovered some vintage pillowcases that I embroidered.

Recently, I sent a birthday gift to my dear friend Abbie. 

Recently, the Museum opened a Modernism exhibit: Eames chair set!

Recently, we experienced a freak hailstorm in Spokane. It was nighttime level dark at like 2:30. 

Recently, I received an amazing letter package from Em of the adorable Thimble. More on that to come!

And recently, I found Catherine's old Tamagotchi in my desk drawer! We're pretty excited to start it up again, feed it, administer injections (for its health, of course), and clean up its poos. I vow to keep it alive this time.

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  1. Love the embroidered pillowcase! and thanks for the mention :-)

    1. Of course! I plan to dedicate a full post to your lovely letter, Em. That was just a taste to make my sisters envious!


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