Monday, March 11, 2013

Book Report: It's a mystery...

Girl detective via Melissa on Imgfav

It's a mystery easily solved because I plan to confess. The Monday morning installment of "Book Report" will be late. I traveled to Tacoma to help Catherine pack up her house and didn't leave myself any time to put together a decent post. Well, add to that the fact that two days of packing has apparently destroyed me physically and left me so utterly exhausted that I've stopped picking up my feet when I walk. I noticed this evening when I kept getting tripped up on the carpet and almost falling over. I'm in a sad state, let me tell you. I contemplated assembling a post all slap-dash, but the thought bummed me out.

So, this week's installment of book reports will reappear when I return to Spokane (Monday night-ish), with the appropriately titled Kelly Link story "The Girl Detective". I'll admit it's a bit of a puzzler. If you happen to pick up her collection Stranger Things Happen (in which "The Girl Detective" appears), be prepared to put your thinking caps on.

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