Thursday, March 7, 2013

Home & Away: Road trips

Lady of the Rockies

Don't you ever just want to get in the car, turn it on, drive away, and never, ever stop? I want to do this pretty much every day, sometimes twice a day. My favorite road trip involves driving east and stopping at Minnesota.

You start by going through the wheat fields of Washington...

You'll also get to drive through Montana. Montana is pretty much my favorite state to drive through. It has Pompey's Pillar! The whole route is prime with some really amazing Lewis & Clark stops!

Make sure you sign the guestbook!

You have to drive through the Badlands. You have to stop in the Badlands. You might even get to see the wild horses like Christine and I did once.

Eventually, you'll get to Minnesota where there are corn fields. The towns still have a real main street where everything the town needs to survive can be found. 

And the clouds are always puffy and glorious, unless it's stormy and thundering and lightning (which is even better)!

Sigh. This summer...Minnesota for sure.


  1. I get that feeling several times a month, just want to get in the car and go! I wanted to let you know I nominated you for a Liebster award! Here's the link:


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