Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Make: handmade ornaments

So I am sure it comes as no surprise that we are kind of the 'make your own ornaments' type of ladies. I wanted to share some of our little tree treasures from years past.

Featured above: glittery pipe cleaner monograms, knitted acorn (by Catherine) and probably my favorite sentimental DIY ornament of all, a sprig of my first Christmas tree with Ben (it's totally a fire hazard so we have to be very careful with the placement)...

Here are some lovely glass ornaments that Christine made, they have some cute little nature die cuts. You should also check out these yarn bombs that she made.

Make it out of paper, just like these little Martha Stewart ornaments.

Here are some intarsia yarn bombs (or yarn ornaments, not so much bombs).

And although I didn't make the above, I did find them at a flea market (minus the mini bottle brushes). They were an inspiration for a tiny winter scene I made as a gift last year.

So get your ornament crafting on!

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