Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Make: eco friendly wrapping paper

This was originally a birthday present wrapping idea, but can easily be converted to a more Merry Christmas vibe, but all in all it's pretty clear, eco-friendly wrapping makes you an earthly hero to the grateful recipient...

This particular present was for Ben's mom, a lovely lady who also is greatly appreciative of anyone saving our planet, one step at a time. Lucky for me, I just got some fun letter stamps that I was super excited to put to use, so we ventured to get our DIY on. For the actual wrapping we used a plain cotton grocery bag, personalized it with initials and fancied it up with some handmade pom poms. To be honest, I acted as a craft consultant but Ben really did all the handiwork.

He also made her a reusable birthday banner, but he did need plenty of wine and popcorn to fuel his craftiness.

 Great job Ben! It was easy for him because he's such a good boy who loves his mother.

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