Friday, December 14, 2012

DIY: Make a Merry Holiday Display

So when Catherine came a callin' earlier this month I wanted her to be greeted by some sort of holiday decor. Since I had very little time and resources I had to get super crafty on this b****, and you can too with just a few items...

Here are my impromptu decorations: bottle brush trees (yes these were actually just hanging around the house), red votives (the only time of year I'm okay with them being red), glass jars (to my boyfriend's dismay I have a large collection), and doilies.

By simply laying down the doilies on a table, placing votives inside the jars and arranging the bottle brush trees, you can make a nice little winter scene on any surface. Pretty easy right?

Another quick decoration is always some sort of garland. Quick may not always be the case, but I feel like I created something that looks cute and literally only took a couple minutes to make.

Just use colored yarn, I choose red (a nice holly berry color), and tie knots in it. You really can't get much more basic than that and I really like the look of a clean, simple tassel.

The very last thing that I threw together was also with the berry yarn; I wanted to incorporate something natural into my little winter wonderland. It didn't take long to find a pine cone ( my living room) and some feathers.

The feathers are actually kind of special, they are from our recent trip to Washington DC. The brown ones are from giant turkey vultures that were in the Masonic Cemetery in Fredricksburg Virginia, and the white one was from this really aggressive swan at our Aunt Eileen's house on the lake. Memories.

So there you have it. Now go create some holiday decorations in 10 minutes or less and make merry!

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