Friday, December 28, 2012

DIY: Glitter pine cone garland

Confession...I don't LOOOOVVVEEEE Christmas. I mean, sure I like it ok, but I don't like that after December 25th, all the Christmas stuff has to come down. I'm much more inclined to lump my decorating together into more of an appreciation for winter. Which is why this DIY pine cone garland is the perfect home decoration before, during, and after Christmas!

Gather up your supplies. I collected some pine cones from the Evergreen forest when I went mushroom hunting with Nicholas. I happened to have some Martha Stewart glitter and glitter glue, so I used that, but any Elmer's glue or glitter would work. I would recommend using finer glitter (avoid the super chunky stuff). You'll also need scissors, twine, and some invisible thread or fishing line.

I made a simple slip knot and attached the invisible thread to the top of the pine cone.

It's hard to capture on camera, but that's good because it's supposed to be invisible. 

Next, you'll take your glitter glue and lightly brush it down the pine cone. You don't want to cake it on--a little will go a long way.

After the glue is on it's time for the glitz! Grab whatever color glitter you want. I used three different colors all of them in shades of silver and blue. Everyone knows how to glitter, but if you don't, just watch my technique below.

Like any good crafter, you'll have your assistant on hand to well...assist. In case you didn't know, Peanut loves assisting! I had to spend some serious time getting the glitter off of her.

After you glitter your cones, cut the invisible thread leaving a 6 or 7 inch tail. I then tied on each individual pine cone to the baker's twine using a double knot. You can space them out however you want. I hung them at various levels as well. 

These little garlands went up the day before Christmas Eve, but because they're not just Christmas decorations, they can easily stay up through February! I also love that you can make the pine cone garlands using craft supplies a lot of you probably always have in your craft supplies already. 

I hope you all go on to make glittery garlands (and I hope that you all have a helpful assistant like Peanut)!


  1. I love seasonal decorations! I always put up icicle decorations in winter.

    1. Isn't it the best way to decorate? You get more bang for your buck!


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