Thursday, December 20, 2012

Home and Away: Christmas time in California

Although it doesn't snow or get all winter wonderland in California, people still get down with holiday cheer...

For instance, Disneyland. Nobody does Christmas trees, or decorations in general like D-land. After the holiday fireworks display they even make it snow. Impossible you say? Tut tut, not for Disneyland.

One call to winter is how the temperature drops at night, likely because I live in a classifiable desert. However, I like to believe it's because the weather wants me to be comfortable when I'm heading to a Christmas sweater party at a local Burbank bar.

Another thing we do to compensate for seventy degree weather in December is throw Christmas up wherever we can to get in the season. This is a window display from our local hand made shop, Mindfulnest, They actually feature artists from all over the US, not just California, so you should check it out.

Oh great, upon closer inspection I believe that something wicked happened to that snowman...

Merry Christmas California, send out those cards with palm trees decked out with Christmas lights, and wear t-shirts with pictures of Santa's face. It may not be a winter wonderland, but it's still Christmas time in California.

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