Thursday, December 13, 2012

DIY: House Silhouette Wrapping Paper

Last month Buzzfeed approached us and asked if we'd like to participate in their holiday wrapping edition of Craft Wars. We were all like: OF COURSE! And we got straight to work on an idea for seasonal, easy, cheap, and fetching wrapping paper. Sisters, activate!

1. Gather all your supplies. For this project you'll need: brown paper bags, white paper, scissors and X-Acto knife, glue stick, and tape. 2. Wrap all your boxes. 3. Cut out your house silhouettes. A big square with a triangle on top for the house, little squares for the windows. See how the rooftops end in a flat edge? That's important because we're going to accordion fold!

4. Using your house template as a guide, cut a strip of white paper that's as tall as the template and as long as your package. 5. Line up the house and make your first fold. Align the edge of the white paper on both sides with the straight edge of the rooftop. 6. Fold back and forth, accordion style, until the entire white paper has been folded. 

7. Again, using your house template as a guide, cut around the outline. Make sure not to cut the folded edges along the flat parts of the rooftop. 8. Cut out the windows with your X-Acto knife. 9. Punch out the windowpanes. 

10. Unfold your paper. 11. Apply the glue. 12. Carefully arrange the house silhouettes on your package. Now, you can stop there, or you can embellish a bit with glitter, paint, and colored paper. All done! 

Hopefully, you had a helper like our kitten assistant: Peanut!

If you want to check us out on Buzzfeed Shift, here's a link: Craft Wars: Two Unexpected Ways to Wrap Gifts. You can even vote for which project you prefer! And might I suggest that you take an internet stroll to visit Caroline of Salsa Pie--she was the second blogger on this project. Exciting!


  1. Ladies, can I just say what an honor it is to be "craft waring" ;) with you. Seriously--I adored your gift wrap idea. So pretty and clever!

    AND, double-extra-special bonus? I found your blog as a result!

    xoxo! Caroline

    1. Thanks Caroline! Same goes for us! I love that your blog is called Salsa Pie. Our crafts definitely made a nice pairing together!



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