Thursday, December 27, 2012

Home and Away: Home for Christmas

I was able to make it home for Christmas, which was pretty exciting since that doesn't happen every year. Even though Catherine, Mom, and I were all together, we didn't have a real Christmas celebration because Monika couldn't be there. However, Catherine did send Monika several texts about how she ruined Christmas, so with the sisterly bickering it was almost like a real Christmas! Also, Bruno attacked the present I'd brought for Mom. Oh, Christmas...

Don't worry, we still decorated and ate a bunch of Christmas cookies. Not many of mine looked very Christmasy, but I did turn an ornament and a broken cookie into a hot air balloon and basket. 

A couple broken cookies received a second life as zombie cookies. When the time comes, they will be delicious. 

Catherine also brought some woodland creature cookie cutters to the table this year, so I made this fox. His name is Swift--named after David the Gnome's fox friend, not after Taylor Swift (as Catherine suggested). I might also mention that I made none of these cookies. I hate rolling out dough, so I just decorated.

As usual with my trips to the west side of the state, it seems like I'm back on the road again before we even get started. Sigh. But I do have a lovely drive across the Cascades. Here are the western slopes, all winter wonderlandy.

And here's the east side of the Cascades. Just think, I get to do it all over again when Monika comes for Second Christmas in January. Winter road trip!

Hope you had a splendid Christmas!

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