Tuesday, July 5, 2011

We dig Terri Planty!

Monika deserves the credit for discovering Terri Planty, as Monika is the one who wandered into the Pergolina store and met the mastermind behind Terri Planty, Bianca. 

You know how the sisters love all things succulent and cacti? Well, Terri Planty is all about succulents and cacti! And tillandsias, and ferns and moss, and vintage containers, too! And perhaps the biggest bonus is Bianca's terrific sense of the curious, whimsical, and wonderful. 

Just look at these seriously swoon-worthy custom terrariums...

This little gem is from June. Peruse the full post here.

I picked up several similar vintage brass receptacles and am totallyinspired to revamp all my succulent housings. 

Here's one from May. Peruse the full post here

And this one hails from March. The colors are stellar, don't you think? Peruse the full post here.

I don't want to be bossy or anything, but you should click on every link in this post. You will most definitely not regret doing so. That's the on my honor guarantee. 

All Terri Planty photos are by Bianca d'Amico. 

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  1. ladies! thank you with all my heart for this post. super super sweet of you!!! the love goes right back at ya! xoxoxoxoxoxoxo


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