Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Oh, baby!

Shower, that is. For Rose's baby shower, I got together with my boss, Lori, to make some decorations. Lori is just about the craftiest person I know, and she has the ability to turn the smallest kernel of an idea into something perfectly wonderful. See? 

Lori made these tissue paper table decorations. Impressive! They came home with me. 

Lori also has some major sewing skills, which, if you've been paying attention, you know I lack. Big time. The two major decorative pieces were a mobile over the gift table and a garland on the wall behind. We took our inspiration from vintage baby cards and this was the result... 

The mobile is made from a large wooden embroidery hoop and color copies of vintage baby cards--some are matted on colored tagboard and some have vintage fabric on the back. I had a small collection of vintage baby cards, but you can find bunches online. The cool thing about the mobile is that Rose can use it over the baby's crib.

The garland also serves a dual purpose: cute decoration and a vehicle for well-wishes. The guests were invited to write advice or congrats on the backs of the cards, which were attached with tiny clothespins. Lori sewed the cards onto the tagboard and then we cut around the outside with paper edgers. I added ribbons to some of the cards to give them something extra. 

The decorations were a big hit, quite cute, and easy to put together. All reasons to give it a go!

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