Monday, July 11, 2011

Free for the taking

Catherine brought me something new by Beyonce and something old by The Judds this weekend, which has inspired me to pass the musical goodwill onto you. Here are some decent places to scout out free music: MP3 Music Store There's a free song everyday and a plethora of label samplers. I know Amazon is a soulless corporate giant, but I've discovered some terrific music through their site. (And if you're willing to shell out a buck or two here and there, Amazon also features an MP3 daily deal, 69 cent songs, and albums for 5 bucks.) Look into it before ye scoff. 

Adult Swim Singles Program 10 free tracks for 10 straight weeks. Pick up a new single every week. In the interest of giving credit where credit is due: I actually learned about the Singles Program from Caleb at The Caleb Barber Blog. He's a poet (I met him through Maya Zeller), and you should check him out...maybe around the same time you're looking into the Adult Swim thing. Just a suggestion. 

Urban Outfitters Do you, like me, find Urban Outfitters annoyingly hipster, but still catch yourself sort of loving them anyway (only a little bit, I swear!)? Well, if UO does nothing else for you, at least they give you a couple opportunities for free music.

UO Music LSTN Every few months, a new playlist featuring 20+ tracks.

Music Mondays Every Monday, 5 free songs. 

Good deal or great deal? 

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