Tuesday, June 14, 2011

This little acorn of mine...

I collected an acorn cap from Catherine and Nick's backyard last year. Actually I collected three. Papa, Mama, and Baby Acorn. Pictured below.

I always planned to use them for some type of craft. Maybe the big one would make a little felted pincushion. The middle one might become the top of a ring. But the tiny acorn...what to do with that? Hmmm. I decided its petite and woody loveliness might just be perfect at the end of necklace. Good idea, yeah?

So, I picked up a few necklaces on clearance at Macy's with the express intention of dismantling them for parts. I busted out the needle nose pliers and went to work pulling off the clunky bits.

Um, I don't really have an pictures of that. I haven't really trained myself to document my projects step-by-step yet. But what I did was this: I made a couple holes in the top of my tiny acorn, inserted both ends of the chain, and fastened them together with one of the rings I'd pulled off the necklace. Then I felted the bottom of the acorn and glued it into the acorn cap. Voila! Acorn necklace!

And this particular acorn necklace was destined for Catherine's neck...it was a birthday present. Hooray!

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