Thursday, June 2, 2011

This just in!

I had some decent luck at estate sales recently. Several things must remain secret for a time, but here are the new treasures I can reveal...

Tiny teacup: 50 cents

Vintage cotton coverlet: $3.50

Vintage red leather purse: $3.50

2 vintage handkerchiefs: $2.00

And I found a little something at the Museum this weekend...something that didn't cost a penny. And just what might that be?

It's a sleepy little bee! Sleeping the big sleep, but looking rather sweet with its tiny head tucked. Do you remember my bee collection? It's documented here, and here, and also a mention here.

Here are a few of my bees in a jar. They are found bees, DOA. 

Not the bees! Ahhhhhhhh! Yup, love those bees.

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