Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Gastropod Mollusk. A knitting project.

For some reason when I think about slugs I think about what their texture would be in my mouth. Why? I don't know. Horrifying? Yes!

Parents, watch your kids around slugs.

I can't be completely certain of how I got to this idea. It could have been that I was slowly crawling along in traffic, it could have been that my mind was wandering and happened upon a Halloween costume idea (nurse log), or most likely... I could have had this idea much longer before I ever realized it. All in all a quite fun little knitting project!

Meet the team.

Oh good, the leopard slug showed up.

The slugs embark on an adventure. 

Then I got to thinking, how we (sisters and I) used to torture slugs. One favorite method was impaling them on sticks. So maybe that has some connection to my interest in their consistency, when you pierce something you get a good feel for it's matter. We weren't all bad, sometimes we took the benign approach and just put a blade of grass in their pneumostome, or breathing pore. I know it's gross, and I do feel bad, but old habits die hard.

Oh no, little slug, watch out!

Gored slug headband.

Slug pin cushion.

Oh and my favorite slug bracelet.

At the end of the day slugs are pretty amazing; traveling along on a fringed foot, they litter the ground in my memories.

Also slugs are hermaphrodites. 


  1. You were just featured on craftgossip for this project. Expect your web traffic to increase!

    -Marcia Z

  2. That's so exciting. Thanks Marcia!

  3. I can't think of anything I'd rather NOT have than a knitted slug. I have way too many of them in my garden, LOL! But love your creativity.

  4. Have tried using wool and felting one? Is there a pattern? :)

  5. I don't have a pattern for the slug, I just kind of conceptualized it on my drive home from work. If you are interested I will certainly try and jot one down so you can make your own fantastic little slugs. How did you felted ones turn out?

  6. Please do put up a pattern if possible! I am a huge slug fan and would love to have a knitted slug of my own! Very cute idea!

  7. Can we please get a pattern for this, been waiting ages.


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