Friday, June 3, 2011

bleeding heart

I'm feeling nostalgic this morning. Believe me, it doesn't take much. Maybe it's just that our little family (sisters and Mom) were apart for Catherine's birthday; or that there was a thunderstorm two days ago, and I opened all the windows in the apartment to let the rain smell in; or that I listened to some Disney movie songs and thought about riding in the car with the sisters, but I spent the morning looking around the apartment in a restless state and finally latched onto this pillow as a link to a time when we were mostly together.

I made this little pillow back in 2004, inspired by a photo of Sondre Lerche holding a similar pillow in the first issue of BUST magazine I ever purchased--Ms. Tina Fey on the cover.

My pillow is actually better because my heart is made from
red herringbone tweed purchased at a thrift store.

This was back when BUST was sort of awesome--the sisters have collectively decided it is much less so these days. Rude! Anyway, I was charmed by the pillow's Emo/Sacred Heart mix, and like I always do, I look at a something and think, I can totally make that.  (Just for the record, sometimes I can and sometimes I cannot.) In this instance, I could make it, with a little help from Mom. I completed all the hand-stitched parts and she did the straight lines/trim on the machine. If you've followed the blog with any regularity, you'll be well-aware that I cannot machine sew a straight line for anything.

The sewing machine is my sworn enemy, which is a shame because if I had any skill with the sewing machine,
I would have been a great talent. Wait. Did I just lift and garble a line from Austen? Mayhap I did.

I've gotten a couple eye-rollish looks from guy friends over this pillow, but I love it unabashedly.

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