Wednesday, June 1, 2011

double yum

My dear friend, Maya, gave me a jar of scrumptious strawberry-rhubarb jam this week.
I went straight to the store and bought a loaf of bread because it was toast and jam time. Straight up.

Tea with jam, jam and bread. Tea with jam, jam and bread. 
With jam and bread, with jam and bread, with jam and bread! 

That, of course, is from The Sound of Music. My, what a lovely interlude.

Glistening in the sun.

The second yum? Homemade oreo cookies. What? Yes. I saw the picture on foodgawker and wanted, wanted, immediately wanted them. So, I made them. Results? Tastes just like oreo cookies, except delicious. The recipe from the foodgawker picture may be found on Poet in the Pantry. The recipe I followed for my cookies is from smitten kitchen. Double yum, indeed.

Yes, I will eat this now, please.

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