Sunday, June 19, 2011

Brief Musical Interlude: For the Road

You know how some Sundays just seem to demand a drive through the countryside? Today feels like one of those Sundays. In Spokane, the countryside means the Palouse.

I need a good mix-tape for my travels, and today feels like a day for quiet, contemplative, slightly melancholy driving music. So, here's my mix for the day! Oh, wait. Melancholy music should never be accompanied by an exclamation point. Strike that. Reverse it. Period.

Dwight Yoakam "A Thousand Miles From Nowhere"

Neko Case "Middle Cyclone"

Andrew Bird "The Giant of Illinois"

Orenda Fink "High Ground"

Iggy Pop "The Passenger"

Martha Wainwright "Factory"

 The Head And The Heart "Down in the Valley"

So, I'm going to put on my favorite farmer shirt (the one with the little holes), let my elbow hang out the truck  window, and drive like I've got nowhere particular in mind.

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