Monday, March 19, 2012

Scratch-off travels

For St. Valentine's Day this year, I bought Nicholas a scratch-off map of the world. The idea being that you scratch-off all the countries that you've visited. You can find them different places, but I bought mine through Amazon.

Behold the world scratch map--all the fun from a scratch ticket, but no cash reward whatsoever.

Grab your coin ( Nick used a foreign appropriate)!

Obviously you'll scratch off Iceland.

and Denmark and Sweden...

Japan and the UK...

...the US, Mexico, and Canada.

I picked up an inexpensive black frame from Target. I used some simple geometric wrapping paper as a background. 

 We haven't figured out exactly where to hang this yet, so for now, it's on top of a bookshelf.
As soon as Nicholas travels to another country, he'll just open up the back and scratch off a new country.
Each new destination is bold and bright against all the gold.


  1. I love the idea of this map but I know myself and I couldn't resist scratching off more countries than I've been to.

  2. I hear ya Carolyn. There was a moment when I wanted him to go crazy and scratch off everything! It also made us want to plan another vacation.

  3. WHere did you buy the geometric wrapping paper?

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