Thursday, March 15, 2012

I like you chairy much!

So this is a true story about a traveling chair. Well it's not super amazing, but kind of fun. About fourteen (?) years ago my boyfriend, Ben, lived in Burbank, CA. He was a young man living on a dime with his best buddy, and since their pocketbooks were slim they jumped at the opportunity to gain a chair off the side of the road. (Said chair is featured above.) Now, in Burbank it's a desert climate so this is okay. In the Pacific Northwest you really wouldn't want to pick anything plush up off the side of the road because it could contain a deadly strain of mold.

Well, this lovely chair traveled back to Washington with him and just recently returned to Burbank! How great is that? Like the lost puppy that finds its way back home almost fifteen years later. A regular Milo and Otis tale--not really but the chair is as comfy as Milo and Otis are cute.

The chair is about to get a snazzy makeover. Naturally I got permission, granted to me by Ben. A nice girlfriend asks before she DIY's any of her boyfriends things... you live and learn.

I selected some nice colors of fabric paint and decided to do a really simple polka dot, flower and berries sort of design. Really basic, but I just wanted to integrate some extra color in the the design.

I started by sporadically placing little red polka dots.

Then I added some little green polka dots to keep the red ones happy.

Then I brightened the whole cluster with some yellow dots.

Olive was with me the entire time, supervising. I think Ben put her up to it. But as you can see the chair looks lovely with it's new colorful dots, and Ben wasn't mad at all.


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