Sunday, January 22, 2012

Best Friends!

I just fell under some scrutiny by my boyfriend, Bennett, for looking at pictures of my dog on my laptop, while (to his dismay) she was sitting right next to me. So what? I can't get enough of her right now. Notice I said right now, I would like to say that I definitely can get enough of her sometimes.

This post is going to get me tons of eye rolls but I don't care.

Her Ladyship Olive

Best Friends!

She may look cute...

But don't be fooled.

She can be a pill just like Catherine's bad kitten.

I like pictures where you can only see her dumb little eyes.

And I also like it when she looks posh.

I also have some great pictures of Lucca too. These are my favorite pictures of little Luc. Ben took these one afternoon as he followed her around the yard. He could have easily helped her and fixed her dumb ears, but just like any good documentarian he refused to interfere.

Lucca trying to climb Olive.

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