Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Throw your diamonds in the sky!

I've been extra excited about glitter and sparkles lately. Those recent shiny cravings inspired this cheap, but satisfying craft project. I made some glitter diamond garlands that are good for decorating on special occasions or (in my case) every single day of the week.

First off you buy some glitter paper at the local craft store. 
I picked these three different shades of sparkle at Michael's for $1.99 each. Next step, grab your fiskars.

I cut all the paper into strips about two inches in length.

Then you cut the strips into squares (I eyeballed it). From there I made the squares into diamonds.
You could do any shapes. Circles, ovals, squares, diamonds, clubs, spades, hearts, etc.

I saved my scraps because the little triangles would also work well for this project.

After you have them all cut...

and separated into colors,

You sew them together! I used clear thread so that it won't show. Using clear thread is kind of a pain because it jams all the time (at least it does for me). My sewing machine had no problem drilling through these card stock diamonds, but as you may recall from my basket tutorial, my machine is a champ.

This is what it looks like on the other side. I chose to alternate my sparkle shades,
but you can certainly use the same color sparkles for the whole garland. Whatevs, it's up to you.

Ta-da! I went ahead and strung them up on our dining room light fixture which, let's be honest, needed a little pizzaz. 

It catches the light during the day and ever-so-slightly moves around like a little mobile. 
Definitely worth it and oh-so-satisfying.


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