Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Mr. Tumnus' wardrobe--revamped

I wish this was Mr. Tumnus' wardrobe. He was one of my favorite things about The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. This fall I purchased a wardrobe at an estate sale. This wardrobe came from a crazy person's house on South Tacoma Way. It ended up being bolted to the wall and caused quite a few problems for the estate team to get it unhooked. Originally it was marked at $110, but I got it for $40. You know how I got it for $40? I said, "would you take $40?" Then they said, "yes." That's how bargains are made.

Christine was home for the weekend, so she had her truck and was able to help cart it off to Olympia. Nick wasn't too pleased at the site of it. I must admit, at first I hated it in the spare bedroom too...that was until I redid it! Boom!

Behold the before and after amazingness that is Mr. Tumnus' wardrobe!

It was white, wobbly, and had really ugly rose knobs.

The inside was gross looking, but it didn't smell!
That's the most important thing.
Rule number 1 of estate sales--always, always smell before you buy!

I bought some paint at Ace Hardware. I chose lucerne green in a semi-gloss. Total cost $11.
I had been on the lookout for some new knobs. I found the perfect knobs while visiting Monika in Burbank.
I picked up two at Anthropologie on clearance for $2.98 each.

Behold the transformation!

After the painting and new knobs, I really love the wardrobe.
I love it when I find unexpected things for amazing deals while estating!

*I get the "estating" isn't a word, but blogger suggested I change it to gestating which wouldn't be right either.

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