Friday, January 20, 2012

nook, neatened

Let me tell you, the excitement does not go away once you reach adulthood.
 Snow days will always be the magical bonuses of winter. Love. Them. 

Even though there are various cleaning tasks awaiting my attention,
I decided I'd take advantage of this freebie day to organize a tiny area of my apartment. 

Ugh. Don't even look at it. Why am I showing you?!

This is the weird wall nook in my office. It's 17'' x 34'' and I've been at a loss over what to do with it for, um, six years. I did have some pictures hanging in there, but I a few weeks ago (after one of them fell) I decided I'd make some sort of paper collage in there. Well, you can probably guess how that turned out: never happened. So, this is what I decided to tackle--turning the nook into usable space, preferably for the crafting odds and ends which have been accumulating. 


And here. 

I hope you realize the amount of trust it takes to reveal these junk piles. A bit. A bit. indeed. I don't have a defined (and permanent) crafting space because my apartment only has one decently well-lit area and that, my friends, is occupied. 

Yeah, succulents and Matilda. Neither will be denied their natural light and views of squirrels and magpies. 

Back to it. The ideal would be some type of shelving, right? Um, like I have random boards and a means by which
 to cut them. But wait! I do have these swell vintage nested shelves, picked up at an estate sale for $3.00.

And I have a bunch of posters from the Museum's concert series, BeGin!

And I have a tiny hammer too, see?
So, shelves: check. Background: check.

I taped up the posters. You could also use wrapping paper, or fabric, but I kind of liked the collage feel of this route. Most of the edges will be obscured by shelving, but some of the images will peek through. 

Like so. Easy as pie. Time to fill it up!

Craft clutter: managed.


  1. Wow, amazing before and after, so great and inspiring me. Maybe I will organize this weekend too!

  2. Thanks, Ty! Good luck with your organization project!


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