Thursday, August 18, 2011

snake box

Yup. Exactly what it sounds like.

A box containing a snake. 

Don't panic! 

It's actually a snake skin. 

Or, to use the proper terminology, a shed

And I found it in the bushes in front of Mom's. 

We have a whole family of garter snakes living at Mom's. 

They come back every year because they like us so much.

We like them too...well, Mom only sort of likes them.

But don't tell the snakes would break their tiny hearts. 


  1. I am afraid of snakes-and-run ...

  2. I'm OK picking up a little garter snake skin, but I leave the real garter snakes alone.

  3. Snake skins are so eerie and beautiful. I grew up on the bayou, and when I was a little girl, my nanny used to tell me they were ghosts!


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