Saturday, August 20, 2011

Sand dollars, done right!

Check out this sweet crocheted sand dollar by Jessica Polk. You can find it on The Curiosity Shoppe.

photo via The Curiosity Shoppe

Super neat, huh? Maybe I should try my hand at crocheting again. I wasn't very successful with my last attempt.
But I keep thinking about what Lady Catherine de Bourgh said in Pride and Prejudice:
"If I had ever learned, I should have been a true proficient." 

Well, until I become a true proficient with the art of crochet, I'll settle for this knitted version I found on Ravelry. I present the Keyhole Sand Dollar by Maryann Walsh. The pattern is available to download free here. 

Photo by Maryann Walsh

I imagine knitting several sand dollars and sewing them onto a throw pillow, or using them for coasters, or little appliques for a knitted hat. Oh, I have some ideas all right. 


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  2. I need a video for this... I don’t understand all the “as if to” lingo when it comes to the stitch guide... still learning and the explanations on this pattern are horrid... I wish I could make myself a hundred of them, but I can’t even understand enough of the pattern to start on one.


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