Friday, August 5, 2011

Bring the ocean your bathroom.

Summer has finally arrived in Washington.  It's certainly been a slow start for the Pacific Northwest.  This last week, I celebrated feeling better and the nice weather with a trip to Westport to relax on the beach for a while.  It was my first real outing in 9+ days.

Picnic packed!

Pretty ideal.

The only downside to the day was that there wasn't a single dead thing washed up on shore.  That's really the best part of the ocean.

If you don't live by the ocean, or if you want to bring more of the ocean home than just a sand dollar or shell, consider this nifty little Martha Stewart project.  You'll find a full tutorial in the most recent issue of Martha Living, but it's pretty self-explanatory.

Our towel holders were a sorry sight at best.  Being we rent, we didn't really want to invest a bunch on new towel holders.  Towel holders will always be one of those items that seem ridiculously expensive for what they are.  At easily $40 a pop, two new towel holders were not in my budget.

Our bathroom already has a oceany beach feel to it.  Some people have said that it reminds them of a cabin--in a good way.  I think it's the faux bois all over the place.  We also have a shower that is built as an overhang over the house with a windows all around the top that open which does make it feel like a cabin. Anyway, here's how it's done:

Old holders.

I unscrewed them and was left with these plugs.

I purchased these eye bolts at the hardware store...screwed them in.

Bought some natural rope...50 feet but you only need 3.

Knot one end and thread it through all three bolts. 

Knot the other end.

Hang your (woodgrain) towels.

Very beachy.


  1. this is so very clever, love it! and would love to see you sometime at my craftsy linking party, Craft Schooling Sunday!

  2. That is SO FREAKING CUTE. I can't wait until we move near the ocean someday, because I am totally doing this. Because then it will be okay to have a beachy-feel going on. Unlike in my current Victorian that practically sits on the edge of a cornfield in Ohio! ;)

  3. Thanks! Danielle, I say do it now! That way when you want the ocean, you can go in the bathroom. Maybe read Moby Dick on the bathroom floor--that way it'll be mega-ocean themed.

  4. seriously, a great idea! I love it!!

  5. Hi, thanks for the great idea! But I have one question: doesn't the rope make stains at a wet (white) towel? Best regards, Gisele

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