Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Strike a match

My boss, Lori, clued me into this project. It's so incredibly easy. All you need are matchboxes, paper, and glue. Check out the matchbox Lori gave me. Cool, right? I don't have Lori's patience for making things pretty, but mine are still cute.  

I started with wrapping paper, but really any paper that strikes your fancy will work. 

Lay out the matchbox on the paper. 

You can measure and cut to size, or you can leave a little edge and trim it after the gluing. 

Apply some glue. Stick on the paper. 

Smooth out all the wrinkles and let dry before you start trimming. 

Then just run your x-acto knife along the edge.

It's pretty easy to see where to cut. 

And that's it! You'll be finished in two shakes. 

All that's left is to light it up!

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