Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Brief Musical Interlude: Lorde

Oh, Lorde (AKA Ella Yelich-O’Connor), how I dig your sweet, yearning anthem "Royals." And sixteen years old?! What in the world is going on in New Zealand? Well, whatever it is, it works for me. I'd most like to listen to her music while riding in a convertible through alternating patches of sun and shade dapples. I'd be in a dreamy, slightly sad mood, I think.

One other thing: everyone on YouTube seems to be commenting on her hair. They all covet those curls. As a curly haired lady who feels super self-conscious about letting my curls out, I'm all for Ella representing. I wonder what product she uses...

For more tracks from her EP The Love Club or to take a gander at her gnarly portrait cover art (featuring a laurel wreath, and a badass snake), check out Lorde's website. And if you need more Lorde, there's also a brief interview with her on New York Magazine's The Cut.


  1. Oh Lorde Sister! Thank you! When my 17 year old wakes I'm going to blast this at her cause I relish being ahead of her in music. (I've lucked out with my blogger connections)

    Recently let my salt n'pepper curls grow out. I would like to find a leave in conditioner for curl enhancement. But for now I use (a lot) of the ENJOY Shaping Lotion after letting my hair air dry. Embrace the curl! It's too much work and time wasted to tame our locks. Cheers!

  2. Thanks, Linda! I'm definitely going to check out your curl product recommendation because I'm always fighting my curls. Boooo! I hope your daughter falls in love with Lorde. I think she's stellar. And so crazy young. Blows me away.


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