Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Previously in Monika's life...

So what have I been keeping myself busy with... ? Well, a lot actually. I was lucky enough to have a great deal of hard work recognized and got a promotion earlier this year (so I've been working even more), successfully cohabited with some of our favorite people for four months (and stayed friends), went back to Washington (to visit, work and celebrate), and I got a bike (pretty much so I can ride around the neighborhood to find feathers and the like). The list can go on and on...
All in all things have been going well for me and starting to get even more interesting. Strange that my life could get more interesting after living in a 900 square foot bungalow with another couple and their dog...add the fact that our dryer doesn't work, and it's pretty much an interesting existence.

Lets see what else has filled my time the past few months?

I started undertaking the Dune Chronicles, currently on book three: Children of Dune (loving it but I did have a dream about having a super-intellectual worldly baby last night, so there are some adverse side effects to this new adventure).

More importantly, I had a lady friend to share Burbank morning times with and go gallivanting with our delicious coffee treats.

Sometimes there would be a fun party for no reason other than to put flowers on the dogs, a direct benefit of Dawn working at a local florist. This was really fun, and kind of awkward for everyone else when I decided to put my head in the lei with Olive. This is documented as well, and maybe someday the photos will leak. Who knows?

And on some occasions there would actually be some occasion to celebrate. It's good to be thirty (so say Dawn and I).

I got to spend some time with my Mom and sisters, weeding garden beds and having backyard bonfires. Also, with my three (or was it four) trips back home recently, I was lucky enough to be on a nearly empty flight and was able to see Mt. St. Helens up close and personal.

What else...? Ben and I took a La Jolla mini-break; he found me a falcon feather (!), and cut his long locks at three a.m. in the kitchen (I got up to get a glass of water and was transformed into a barber).

So that is the wrap-up of what was going on during our hiatus. This one post obviously makes up for the three months of not blogging anything, right? I'm so glad to be back.

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