Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Make: Merit Badges

Do you long for the days when after you completed a fun feat you got to sew on a badge of honor to display your accomplishment? I wanted to revisit those days in my adult life and award some badges to others for their merits...

I think it's always important to recognize milestones and achievements of your near and dear. So when my two best lady friends both experienced large life milestones in the same month, I had to get to sewing.

You can really embroider anything you want on your merit badges. I was making one for a wedding and the other for a first time home buyer. But one thing is for sure, the first step is doodle mania.

Next, you just need to turn that doodle in to an embroidery pattern by using transfer pencil and some tracing paper. If you want another example of how it works, check out my post: You're in my favor.

After you iron on the transfer, you're ready to embroider! 

The embroidering is my favorite part. Then pull out the iron again, because you'll want to iron on some backing so that the badge has some strength and stiffness.

Now to complete the trim, in the traditional merit badge styling. I love this last opportunity to use a color that really ties the whole thing together.


An Over the Moon badge for Jay and Dawn, the happy couple in love.

And a vintage dollhouse inspired badge for Jenny and Brandon, the other happy couple, in their new home.

Congratulations to all!


  1. Fantastic work and what a fun idea! I did 14 cross-stitch sketches of each family member last year to act as place setting cards/ornaments for our Christmas dinner. I was not very proficient at it yet and was soooo done with the needle when the project was finally completed...but seeing these has inspired me to possibly pick up that needle and make something cute for a friend this year. :)

    1. Heather, I totally feel you on this one. I shudder everytime I start a new badge, but can't stop looking at it when I'm done. You should pick your needle back up and never put it down. :) Also, what a cute idea for place cards!

  2. I heart my amazing merit badge.

    1. I heart you Ms. Jenny! I can't wait for you to do something else merit worthy. Wait. Don't you have a big birthday coming up?

  3. What fabric did you use as the base of the merit badge?


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