Saturday, September 29, 2012


All the sisters are together in Burbank, CA this weekend! As per usual, whenever they visit we away to Disneyland.
Here's a brief look at our visit, instagram style... 

We visited Radiator Springs, in California Adventure. Although it was really crowded,
it did feel like we walked in to a live version of the set. Good job, Disney.

We traveled in to the darkness of It's a Small World

Darker still...The Haunted Mansion.

We were amply tired (to say the least) after our big Disney Day.
So the sisters decided to have a nice big brunch, with coffee and mimosas. Thanks, Catherine!

And if you follow @cnic on instagram you'd have already seen yesterdays outfit.
Complete with a gold pac pac (aka fanny pack, from the Salvation Army: $1.50).
For more of my misadventures, follow me on instagram at @monikajane.

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